Photoshop for Garden Designers

Photoshop is the ‘go-to’ programme to add that final layer of artistry to your designs. We offer workshops and training for Garden Designers in the use of Photoshop.

Simple Photoshop effects used on a perspective detail.

The typical ‘workflow’ for designers is to move through the creative stage of a new project on the drawing board, and then to progress to detailed plans produced using CAD software (Vectorworks, SketchUp, etc.).

Invaluable in the final stages of preparing plans is reviewing the artistry of the work – let’s face it, CAD drawings in the raw are somewhat… computerised!

This is where Photoshop comes in. Typically, designers export chosen views of their designs to Photoshop, render the graphics adding shadows, texture, colour etc. Finally, this is sent to either Vectorworks, Layout or Illustrator for paste-up.

A simple SketchUp model…
… becomes a creative visualisation of the concept, using Photoshop.

We can provide workshops in the use of Photoshop for Garden Design, as well as some of the plug-in options to render designs directly from within SketchUp. Contact us to find out dates of any forthcoming workshops, or if you would like us to provide support in your use of advanced rendering tools.

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