Vectorworks for garden designers

Richard Easton has provided numerous workshops in the use of Vectorworks for The Society of GArden Designers. He can provide workshops for beginners in using Vectorworks for garden design.

Garden Design software has come on leaps and bounds over recent years. Our workshops range from the basic beginners Introduction to Vectorworks, through planting design, to more advanced support in using Vectorworks. This programme really is a fantastic tool in the garden designer’s workflow producing spreadsheets for Planting and Hard Landscaping, maintenance schedules, 3D construction details at the click of a mouse, and fully rendered 3D models with video walk-throughs. Vectorworks runs on both Mac and PC.

One-on-one support can be negotiated to support you in learning to use Vectorworks.

A detailed planting plan created in Vectorworks Landmark
A model produced in Vectorworks

Typical Vectorworks Workflow

The basic outline design:

Exploded Birdseye View in 3D with textures:

Perspective details:

Master Plan:

Construction Details:

Planting Plan:

Courses can run via Zoom/Skype or in person, with attendant handbooks for each of the sessions.

The following courses are available:

Introduction to Vectorworks Landmark:

The Workspace; Basic tools and drawing techniques; Understanding and using palettes; Drawing to scale; Drawing up your simple survey to include triangulations, offsets and spot-heights, correctly dimensioned walls, doors and windows etc.; Text and callouts; Title blocks; Effective use of Layers and Classes; Attributes to include personalised colour palettes, hatches and textures; The Resource Manager for access to Vectorworks libraries; Viewports and viewport annotation; Setting Out Plans; Importing a professional .dwg survey.

Planting Design in Vectorworks:

Create your own Plant Favourite library file with your bespoke planting symbols; Create a file with strong Layer and Class set-up for a planting project; Create severla different planting plans; Create a Landscape Area for mass planting; Create several Viewports for different planting areas; Annotate each planting plan and use the Data Tag tool; Create spreadsheets for wholesale plant ordering, maintenance and for client information; create an existing trees layer and look at importing existing tree reports.

Intermediate Vectorworks – 3D modelling and Hard Landscape Detailing:

The Push/Pull tool and extrusions; Create complex 3D shapes; Create hybrid 3D objects with rendered textures; Draw a house and Garden in 3D; Create multiple Viewports and sectional details; Add the Heliodon and cast shadows; Create a site model from source data; add 3D plants; Use Site Modifiers to sculpt the terrain; Create Hardscape Site Modifiers; Use the Hardscape tool to create artistic renders as well as precise black and white construction details; set multiple cross falls on your Hardscape; Create spreadsheets for your hard-landscaping to capture surface areas and volumes of built materials (Paving unit, DTP Type 1, mortar etc.).

Advanced Vectorworks – Putting it all together and those advanced curving models:

Set up your file with confidence for a complete project; Geolocation and setting your garden in context; Create a shadow analysis for the seasons; Create a practical 2D design and then convert to intelligent data-rich site modifiers, hardscapes and landscape areas; Create walls and retaining walls; Create complex steps; Use Data Visualisation to create a precise black and white Master Plan; Advanced Callout, Keynotes and databases; Irregular curved 3D object, NURBS and curved ramps.

Contact us now to find out the dates of the next workshops, or to book an online workshop. Requirements will be shared before each online workshop, such as hardware, software, camera/microphone, and the use of a basic mouse with left/right click and a scroll wheel (not the touch pad of a laptop and not the Mac Magic Mouse!)

Society of Garden Designers Vectorworks Zoom Workshops

Introduction to Vectorworks – 3rd and 5th May 2023

Planting Design in Vectorworks – 2nd and 5th June 2023

Intermediate Vectorworks – 9th and 12th June 2023

Advanced Vectorworks – 23rd and 26th June 2023

professional services for garden designers – 3D imagery and help with Vectorworks

If you are a garden designer struggling with the programme, or you simply need to subcontract certain elements of your workflow, contact me now. I can set up a template for you, create your title block, or produce that perfect rendered 3D image. I can even create a walk-through movie of your proposed garden. All aspects of professionalism can be undertaken, including help with planting plans, specifications, spreadsheets, construction details and so on.

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