SketchUp for Garden Design 3-D Modelling

SketchUp is a simple and effective tool to create visualisations of your design. Our workshops and training in the use of SketchUp and SketchUp Pro will enable your Garden Design practice to produce effective plans with ease.

Example of a model created using SketchUp.

We have used the basic framework of SketchUp successfully for many years. In many ways, the old methods of section/elevation drawings have been superseded with the use of 3-D computer modelling.

We run workshops in the basics of SketchUp for Garden Design modelling. These include the essentials to get you up and running, how to use the 3-D Warehouse, be creative with visualisation and how to create animations to enable a ‘walk-through’ of the garden for your clients.

SketchUp Pro is the professional version of SketchUp, available for a rolling annual subscription. It has proven to be as effective as Adobe Illustrator for laying out final documents as it enables you to turn your model into fully detailed, scaled and labelled plans using the advanced set of tools in the Layout workspace.

Contact us for details of the next workshop, or if you are interested in a more bespoke support in your use of SketchUp.

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